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Hey Guys,

so far I made all my photos with my smartphone, especially the photos for my blog. It has alway worked well. But once I wanted to photograph the whole market church, the „Marktkirche“ in Wiesbaden, Hesse. The church however did not fit the photo. It was too big. So I went step by step further back. But at some point I was standing with my back to the Hessian state parliament and the market Church was still not quite on the photo. I have no idea about photographing. But in this moment I thought that a camera with a zoom would now probably be useful. I remembered that I soon have birthday, only in a few weeks. A camera might be a suitable birthday gift for me. I got my friends and my family used to this idea. Well, they all know me and I got my birthday gift immediately and didn’t need to wait until the day of my birth. Don’t worry, it brings no bad luck. As a young child I’ve always got my birthday gift a few weeks before my birthday date – that’s my special birthday tradition.

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I got a Nikon coolpix L840, with a 38x optical zoom and in the color purple. Okay, this is not my dream color, but the camera colored in purple was cheaper than the other cameras in black or red. The camera includes every thing I need for my pictures. This time I wanted to make photos from really large buildings, not only the market church. Where can I find larger buildings? Yea, round the courner, the skyline of Frankfurt. My favorite city – airport, traffic jam, marathon, bruce springsteen concerts and last but not least the diabetic group comes me to mind then I think about Frankfurt. Oh, I love Frankfurt, a little living metropolis. So on saturday morning I drove downtown to Frankfurt towards the trade fair centre. There are a few larger houses around. I did not made this trip alone. I met a good friend in Frankfurt who has accompanied me. We had a bet. He said that I don’t make 1000 photos till lunch. The one who wins needn’t to pay the meal. Well, at noon I had already made not less than 1459 photos. And because I’d won the bet, he invited me. But I had a bad conscience and payed my meal. It was extremely windy on Saturday. At first we had beautiful sunny weather, then cloudy and finally rainfall. For lunch we had a bratwurst with sauerkraut – guess the englisch word is sourcrout – and mashed potatoes. Finally we have six hours taken photos and for the the eating we took an other hour. When I came back home in the late afternoon I was already pretty tired. Yes it was a little bit exhausting. And my blood sugar. It was very well.

But now I am going to show you some of my pictures. I must say the camera is so amazing. It does everything by itself. Even I as an absolute newbie can take a good photo.

… welcome to Frankfurt

… the trade fair tower (Messeturm), tower 185

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… this time the Tower 185 and a Tower of Castor and Pollux

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… the trade fair tower (Messeturm) and one Tower and both Towers of Castor and Pollux

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… a very special friend of mine, the „Hammering Man“

No coincidence that the Hammering Man is not far from the start and finish of the marathon.

A few links to the Hammering Man:

and finally a look back to the city
... bye Frankfurt
These were a few of my first pictures with my new camera. I hope you enjoyed it.
Kind regards Thomas


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