I love to run and I’m running three up to five times the week round about 10 miles. Nearly 20 years ago when I was a student I was running several times the Marathon distance. But after finishing my studies and working and raising a family I was only ruining occasionally. But two and a half years ago I started again to run. It was February and cold and I bought a pair of running shoes and started to run. The first distance was about 10 miles and I needed one hour and a quarter and the feeling to run again after a long time was really much better then making love. So three days later I did the running again. With the Marathons 20 years ago in mind I fell good about my self with the distance from 10k, 10 miles up to half marathon. I enter many running events over these distances, and I do them like my daily training.

Running, K-town and memories

This week I was very happy because I wanted to take part on a running event near K-town. I once studied at the University of K-town and I was running through the woods round K-town nearly every day to practice the marathon distance, and I always took part at this running event.

The event usually happens in the evening at a small valley called Frankenstein. The weather was always good, warm and sunny. I remember these days then I was running in this area. One time when I was running near a valley called Fischbach suddenly a few U.S Army solders jumped up behind a felled tree. I scared and cried  “I’m no target.” I guess I scared them too. They laughed and run behind me and whooped “come on faster”. As a student I had only a very old car. Sometime it didn’t start at the traffic lights. There were always solders in the row behind me that jumped out of their Hummer and bumped the car to start. Memories.

What happened

Today I wanted to enter this event again after a long time, but I’m sitting here in front of my computer writing this post. What has happened? It is canceled and does not take part this years. Seems to be to less participants, to less interests this year. And now I’m disappointed and sad. The second canceled running event within two weeks. The first race was a 10k run in a parking blog. Seemed to be funny, but canceled. I guess you know, I was also disappointed and sad. And well I did the same a woman might do, I bought my self a new pair of shoes. And all you girls are right, I felt better. A new pair of running shoes. And this time I tried it out again and bought my self again a new pair of shoes. Now, I bought tracking shoes. But really better I feel only while writing this post. I want to thank you very much for reading my posts. I now have five pairs of sport shoes.

My eating

And with each canceled event I become a little bit thicker and I don’t like that. In my daily live my  meal consists of a view carbs but more carbs than a low carb meal is made of. The previous day I eat more, more carbs and more meals to fill the muscles and the liver with glucose and of course to fill my stomachic too. I thing, I get much of the energy I need for a hole run over up to half the marathon distance from these reserves. I don’t burn much fat and afterwards I have normally no ketone. I decrease the insulin I get via my pump for the basal to 40% and take a lot of glucose with me. A hypo can destroy a race and ketone also. So the glucose is needed. The blood sugar value doesn’t really drop in the time of the race but after the run it drops for a view hours. That what I need the glucose mainly for.

A new marathon run

I remember the day then I was running the marathon the last time. I was exhausted, had no good result and knew this was the last time. I sad I will run again the 42 Kilometers in that year my diabetes becomes 42 years old. I was mid-20 and had 20 years diabetes being sure I will never ever see this year. I always believed I don’t grow old and hoped I will live as long as Elvis did or 38 years with diabetes. In spring my diabetes becomes 42 years. I didn’t remember what I said 20 years ago. Unfortunately a friend of mine asked me if I’m going to run the 42 kilometers again. And now all of my friends want me to run a marathon again. The marathons of the past help me now to run easily the mid-distances but all the more I know what a hard work a marathon can be. I don’t want to run this distance again. Will see what I’m going to do. That’s what I get out of my twaddle.

Have a nice day, Thomas


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