Lost friendship

Hi, today I’ll start with a phrase that I always wanted to say.

Yes, I am blogger.

… and like to add

I love writing in my blog.

I do not just like to write in my blog I also love to read other blogs. I get all my information only from blogs. I read a lot about people all over the world. It is very interesting to get to know the everyday life with diabetes in foreign countries. All around a great thing. I win a lot of bloggers and readers as friends.

… nice habits

At the moment I stand there with egg on one’s face. It’s also possible to lose someone. So it happened to me. I found a blogger but lost a good friend. A friendship broke. She is a diabetic for about one year and from the first day we discussed blood sugar values and problems with the long-term-acting insulin in a diabetes forum. Later I met her again in Facebook and we’ve chatted and waffled about trivia every day. But also about such important things like „What are you cooking today.“ Of course, we discussed whatsoever the main thing about our diabetes and everything that has to do with it. It was a lot of fun.

… and funny and serious suggestions

From time to time I have shown her my blog texts and also my blog images previously and she had always something to say. Sometimes she liked it, but sometimes she thought that my text has too little pep. I have always listened to her criticism, be inspired or not. Once she said that my blog reads like a women’s magazine. Do you find that too, seriously? I think it reads more like an exciting Hemingway novel from my life.

… The transformation to a blogger

Not too long ago, she sent me a link. I pushed on it and came to her new blog. I was proud and happy and full of joy that she now has become a blogger, a diabetes blog blogger. Her blog is very pretty with pictures and her own very special text. The text is wild, spontaneous and full of energy and she has her own opinions. I showed her a platform for blogs, tinkered her the RSS feed address in order to register there. Yes, it was a great pleasure for me.

… the doom

I comment on and discuss indeed themes from other blogs. Never to offend someone and always honest. I hope I haven’t annoy any bloggers. Well maybe Steaff from http://diabetes-leben.com/ a little. But she’s a very nice person and ignores this. The doom for our friendship started with a post. It was nothing special, an ordinary post. I read her post. It was okay and I commented it out in a Facebook group. My comment was not bad, not dramatically, but also not euphoric, just honest.

… late deeper insight

Now she no longer talks to me. Sure, I’m disappointed. I thought our friendship would endure more. I have noticed two things. What I wrote was okay – do not mean any harm – and also presented objectively from me. I forgot to point something out to her. It can happen that she will get a few comments that are not good and confront her. Too bad that I of all people was the first with such a comment, and I did not even prepared her. I’m realy sorry.

… and what’s next, a happy ending

no, even more insights. I think I’ll stay not the only one who says something rather critical. Eventually, she will perhaps realize that such comments are the best. They keep the discussion and blog alive and help to get a good estimate of the self writen posts. This must be realized and slowly learned and that takes time. I was probably a bit to fast with my criticism and haven’t waited for the right point of time . And the friendship, let’s see …

… again read through

yes. Reminds me so reading through to the time when I was 15 years old. I must laugh, man I am today twice as old – okay three times as old – and still drop a brick. – I think I’ll call her.

Many greetings yours Thomas


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