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Hey guys,

… second part

I’ve made a short trip over the long weekend not too long ago. On Saturday my diabetes had met the culture. You can read about it here:

Today I want to tell you what happened to me on Sunday. This time not my diabetes was in the foreground but coke.

… a new day on my vacation trip

After my diabetes had survived the culture shock yesterday and hypo (hypoglycemia, low blood sugar) was over, I was fast asleep. I slept in and got up late on Sunday. The ideal time to to dress myself relaxed and go out for a meal. And after that, we wanted to let off steam in a climbing park. Well actually just me. Okay, it was my idea, but therefor culture was my wife’s idea.

… eating out relaxes or not

Then we went out for meal and found a small cozy restaurant. On the menu were only a few eating meals, not really many. I guess only three or four, but they sounded pretty good. I ate ratatouille with meat and ordered a large diet coke. Before the food was served, I had already drunk up the glass. So I ordered a second diet coke. For dessert we got ice.  I have omitted on the dessert.

… always suspicious things with the diet coke

Somehow in a restaurant I always got the feeling that I don’t get a diet coke, but a normal sugared coke. And this time it was the same way. You may know this feeling. When I was paying the bill, I enumerated what I have had, one ratatouille with meat and added in a clear voice“ and two diet coke“. The nice woman from the service repeated „one ratatouille“ and „two Cola“ and wrote two cola on the bill. What in heaven’s name has happend with the word diet. Did she simply forgot it. I became nervous added again clearly „diet coke“. And you do not believe what she answered: „That was not a diet coke. We don’t have any diet coke.“ I knew this would happens one day.

 … yes one day it had to happen

The worst came true. Seemed to me that I got coke sweetened with ordinary sugar. And I drank two large 0.5 liter glasses filled with this sugar sweetend coke. No diat coke. In panic I googled how many carbs the two glases contained. 104 gram of carbs. So I took my insulin pump out of the trouser pocket and it delivered isulin for 104 gram of carbs. Now I was relieved. Everything seemed to go well, again. I looked forward to climbing.

… from bad to worse

When I left the restaurant we walked along the counter and I said goodbye to the nice woman from the service. She held up a bottle and said: „We have this kind of coke.“ She showed me a bottle of coke zero. Coke zero has no carbs. Well I had drunken a diet coke. Unfortunely it was named zero. Okay a new problem.

I have for 104 gram of carbs insulin in my body, but only the carbs are missing. And there it was again, the panic feeling. What should I do now. I was angry. May I will spend my afternoon with a hypo (hypoglycemia, low blood sugar) instead of climbing. I got the advice from my family to have another lunch, but was honestly not hungry anymore.

and the solution of the problem, just perfect

The solution to my problem came from the nice woman behind the counter. She mentioned if I already have insulin for 1 liter of ordinary sugared coke in me why I don’t drink just one liter of ordinary sugared coke. She gave me two small  0.5 liters bottles coke sweetened with sugar. This idea was simple and perfect. My climbing afternoon was saved. I drank the liter in small sips. It took me more than half an hour and it went really well. I had no hypo (hypoglycemia, low blood sugar). That reminds me of something. Wow, I have not paid the two small bottles. Thanks nice woman behind the counter for the sugared coke for free, and also for this briliant idea to solve the problem.

… what will stay in my mind

I had two surprising days of vacation. And my diabetes was in the thick of things. The hypo (hypoglycemia, low blood sugar) in the cathedral the day before and my helplessness with the coke chaos this day caught me absolutly unprepared and that after more then 40 years of being a diabetic. I didn’t thought that such things could possibly happen to me on my short two and a half day trip. But it was not my last vacation trip this year. I think for the next trip I’ll be better prepared and will react calmly to my over all loved and hated diabetes.

… and the end of my vacation report

After six hours climbing we drove home again.

Greetings Thomas


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