Type 2 diabetes

Hey Guys,

today I want to tell you about a friend of mine and of type 2 diabetes. He asked me why I don’t write anything about him. Unfortunately, he didn’t wanted to post personally here in my blog. So I’ll do this now.

It all started in the waiting room. We visited the same doctor, and I often saw him sitting there and waiting. I was treated because of my type 1 diabetes and he because of his type 2 diabetes. Every time I saw him, he was in a bad moon. He only grumbled and didn’t had a talk with the other people in the waiting room. He was somewhat younger than me and corpulent.

One day he was in the doctor’s office. I was the next. The door was flung open and he came out of the doctor’s office red faced and very angry. The doctor wanted him to make sport. It really enraged him that the doctor had asked such a thing. He sat down on the bench next to me and we started to have a conversation. He was disappointed because he felt not accepted by his doctor as a corpulent person. And he was angry that the doctor had asked him to do sport. And he was frustrated because he couldn’t make any sports because of corpulence. We talked about diabetes, sports and running. During the conversation I asked him if he still remembers the day he was running really the last time, because every person was able to run at the beginning of his life. He began to think and suddenly he howled. Yes he suffered because he was ungraceful and could not run anymore. I think he felt imprisoned of his body. Now I could understand him and I liked him. I felt sorry for him. He was running for the last time as a child. And now he wanted to be able to run again as he did as a child.

A week later I got a call from him in the evening around 8:30 p.m. He stood on the road no two corners away from his home and tried to run. But he didn’t get far. His bones ached. He could neither move a step forward nor backward. I should help him to get back home. But this was not easy. He leaned on me and then we went quite slowly back to his house and the joints ached him, too. Later on we discussed many ways how one could help him. A month later on the weekend we drove in an industrial park and visited a large sports shop and tried all the sports equipment out. He enjoyed an indoor rower machine and he bought one. Henceforth he rowed on his device almost daily. Sometimes, I was afraid that the effort could damage his heart. Sometime we went shopping. We bought a lot of vegetables, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, kohlrabi and much more of these things. When he was hungry, he could eat the vegetables raw in between. He made no low carb diet, he ate only much less than before and moved much more. That way he lost a lot of weight in one year. Somehow he was in a good temper now and I think a lot of his bad mood was caused of his corpulency. Another year later in the evening he was running with me a few miles for the first time since he was a child and it worked. Today he takes part in running events and, damn, 10k he’s faster than me. He taped a few pictures on the refrigerator and nailed some pictures on the kitchen wall. The pictures show him as he once was. They deter him and keep him away from eating too much.

He asked me very much what he should do. With my advices I have always tried to help. Sometimes I was lucky that almost everything I have recommended him worked. As you know I’m a type 1 diabetic and had no idea about type 2 diabetes. But almost everything I knew about sports and type 1 diabetes seemed to help my friend. I think in order to roll up the life in this way you need a very strong will and this is of course extraordinary. And at least a really good friend.

I for myself have always been a type 1 diabetic. As a small child I got my diabetes. I came to the hospital with a very, very high blood glucose level, had almost taken out the appendix, but then fortunately was treated for diabetes. All that had to do with beta cells was destroyed, so destroyed that I didn’t even had a period of remission. At least I can not remember that I had one. No doubt, I’ve always been a type 1 diabetic.

My friend had type 2 diabetes and needed to inject tons of insulin and required tablets. His body’s cells have no longer recognized the insulin to accommodate the blood sugar. So the blood sugar has risen. After losing a lot of weight and making sport, he still needs insulin and still is a type 2 diabetic. Other types of diabetes were examined by the doctor. Neither he nor his doctor really knows which diabetes type he exactly has. Today he owns an insulin pump. Many treatments that I know of type 1 diabetes, are used in type 2 diabetes as well. That surprised me. And I learned something very important. My friend needs much more insulin for the same amount of food and when he makes sport, he is much faster and stronger in a hypo when I’m. And that in spite of type 2 diabetes and not type 1. Type 2 Diabetes is not only a diabetes of old people and it does not disappear with a little diet. Type 2 diabetes can just be difficult and tricky like my type 1 diabetes.

There is not a serious type 1 diabetes and the lightweight type 2. All diabetes types that exist in the meantime have as a consequence deep cuts in daily life and every diabetes has it’s own history and it’s own way to be treated. So has my type 2 diabetes opinion changed over the years. We all share the same fate and should help us as as well as we can.



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