my diabetes and culture

How my diabetes got help! Hi, in recent weeks there have been many public holidays or bank holidays. This is a German specialty and a nice invention. The working time gets paid, but I’m freed from working on these days. Yay, an ideal time for a short vacation over the extended weekend. That is exactly what I did with my family and it’s surely needless to say that my diabetes came along with me too. The trip became a adventure for my diabetes. It got to know the culture and vice versa, the culture got to know my diabetes too.

I love vacations, just to pack a few things in my bag and drive away from home. It doesn’t matter whether near or far away, simply to break out of the daily grind. A perfect vacation for me consists of lots of nature, the sea or the mountains. But even in the countryside between the sea and the mountains I can relax very well. I like best to spend my time with things like running, hiking and climbing. Okay, on vacation a little culture is allowed. It must only not to be too much, then it is not harmful to health. Besides nature, a city in the area is very useful in order to follow the culture and to go out for a meal, because eating out is clearly part of the culture, tasting funny meals that I wouldn’t eat otherwise.

Friday afternoon we decided to go away until Sunday evening. The Alps and the sea were located too far away. So we spontaneously decided to go to the West near the border to Luxembourg.

I have been much in the nature and the fresh unused air has let my blood sugar go down several times. On Saturday morning I ran a little over the fields and through a forest. In the afternoon we wanted to drive to the next town, and you will guessed it, to have a cultural event and then to have dinner. Once there, we walked a bit through the pedestrian area and very quickly we saw a large building in front of us. It was a cathedral, ideal to go sightseeing and to do something cultural. Inside the cathedral it was surprisingly bright. I noticed a very strong Hypo and sat down on the floor, my blood sugar level was 1.6 mmol / l. Oops, quite low. So I started to unpack my glucose.

Hardly even started eating a tall and strict man stood in front of me and made me aware that it was forbidden to eat in the cathedral. He pointed a finger at a sign that prohibited eating. Above my head hung such a sign „no eating“. I had sat down directly below. I stammered something about that I am a diabetic and the man walked away at a rapid pace. Before I could think what I should do now, he stood already in front of me with a thick sausage sandwich, three-quarters of a bar of chocolate and a Capri Sun. I with a ravenous hunger attack ate everything and I felt good. I realized that my blood sugar level increasing again and picked up the garbage that I had made. And the man, he has gone. I didn’t notice that. I want to thank the helpful man for his help. He seems to know about diabetes. Maybe he reads this post by chance and is pleased with my thanks.

And my diabetes, it doesn’t really like the culture and has no use for it. The only thing, that my diabetes comes to mind is to get a hypo. I think we need to practice this with the art a little bit.

That was not the only hypo, which I had. The very next day I had another one. However, the reason for this was rather curious. But I’ll tell you in my next post.

… to be continued.


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