Why blogger need blogger

I have a diabetes blog only since a short time and I’m still a reader of other blogs. Well, I won’t give up one of these two, nor the writing neither the reading of blogs. They simply belong to daily live and they have somehow replaced my newspaper and some of my magazines too. After switching on my computer in the early morning the first thing I do is reading mails. I use the program Thunderbird for that. I have a short view over the advertisment mails. Then I read the mails, that have to do with my daily work and finaly I read the private mails. And then, yes, then I have a look at the blogs and which of them has a new post. I have a few diabetes blogs, a food blog and several technical blogs set up as a RSS-Feed in my Thunderbird program. I labor the technical blogs for my work through and then I read quite relaxed all news from the food and diabetes blogs. Sometimes I am disappointed if no Diabetes blog published a new post. Fortunately, this happens only rarely, because I read several of these blogs daily.

I write in my blog because it unexpectedly makes a lot of fun. Usually every three to four days a post. All three or four days a post is for readers like me and of course you not enough. Therefore I read several other blogs and i guess you too. Well, as a blogger I also need other bloggers, because I alone can’t offer the abundance that I like as a reader. Therefore I need many ohter bloggers and I can not say:

Blogger need other blogger for happy readers and a colorful world!

The genius of blogs however is that you can comment everything and the author often writes back. I’ve already told you in previous posts that I like to run up to the distance of a half marathon. And this may become quite boring, at least for my head. While running my brain starts thinking, many thoughts are going through my head and everything what concerns me, is going to be written in my blog after running. That’s the way I do my posting. I found the joy of writing when I was reading Steaff’s blog and writing a comment about it. I like her blog. I’ve mentioned in a comment that diabetes misunderstanding would fill a whole book. Steaff encouraged me to organize a group on Facebook, and I did it. After the group was created it was so empty and I started to write a few posts. After all I couldn’t stop writing and I wanted to write not only about diabetes misunderstanding. My blog was born. The Facebook group of course still exists. It’s called „Dia-Hämmer“. That ’s german Language and means „Diabetes hammers“. Thank you Steaff! I can only encourage everyone to try it out. If you want to try it out, you can write in my blog a guest – as I mentioned befor – only a big amount of colorful blogs make readers happy.

Yours Thomas

Steaff’s Blog: http://diabetes-leben.com


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